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There are several committees responsible for taking care of various orders of business that affect members of our community. Many people serve on more than one committee, and they could use some help.

Contact the committee chairperson of the committee you are interested in for more information or to volunteer your time. Have a say in what goes on in your community - join a committee today!

Click on the committee name to see more information about that committee.

Welcoming Committee

Greets new residents of the Woods at Polaris, provides them with information about the community and answers their questions.

Landscape and Grounds Committee

Responsible for managing the look of the community grounds.

Social and Recreation Committee

Organizes activities, social events and parties.

Communications Committee

Keeps the community informed of issues affecting its members.

Clubhouse Committee

The Clubhouse Committee inspects the facility on a frequent basis throughout the year and informs the Board of Directors of maintenance and repair requirements.


Responsible for managing the look of the community buildings.

Rules & Regulations Review Committee

Reviews and evaluates the existing Rules and Regulations and reports their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.