Welcome to The Woods at Polaris Condominiums

Management Company (Real Property Management, Inc.)
5550 Blazer Parkway, Suite 175, Dublin, OH 43017

+ 614-766-6500 Ext.7057

Mon - Fri 9.00AM - 5.00PM
Saturday and Sunday Closed


  • No boats, motor homes, trucks larger than 3/4 ton pickup, travel trailers or the like may be parked overnight.

  • Large recreation vehicles (van conversions/RVs), which will not fit in the garage will be permitted to park in the limited common area for 24 hours to allow for loading and unloading purposes. Such vehicles must not exceed 32 ft. in length and cannot block normal access for other residents. Commercial moving vans, when conducting contracted business, and commercial trucks when in the area to perform service or repair are an authorized exception.

  • All parking by residents or guests must be first (a) within garage; second, (b) in common area directly in front of garage door if you have a driveway which allows for the car to be completely out of the street or; third, (c) in designated parking spaces on the property. Routine parking in the drive lane on the street or the garage access drive is prohibited.

  • Parking in the turnarounds is prohibited!

  • Open parking at the clubhouse is restricted to 24-hour increments.

  • Inoperable vehicles (flat tires, expired license plates, shattered windshields, etc....) parked for more than 24 hours outside of a garage can be tagged and towed off premises.

  • Unauthorized vehicles will be towed. Vehicles can be recovered at any tme at 2360 Wood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio by calling CAMCAR Towing Company 614-488-2408. To release vehicle you must have proof of ownership, pay towing charge of $90.00 and a storage fee of $12.00 per 24 hours. For a larger vehicle, towing charge is $150.00 and storage fee is $20.00 per 24 hours. Vehicles hooked but not towed subject to 1/2 towing charge.